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Ingrid Naiman

The hostess -- seen here with Tibetan refugees in North India in the late 1960s -- is a medical astrologer, herbalist, and philosopher specializing in the relationship between emotions and the soul. Ingrid Naiman is the author of six books and over a thousand articles that have been translated into many languages.


On a Planet where competition and lust for profit is threatening the survival of every living creature, I am envisioning a new approach to existence, one based on respect for all life, one in which the joy of cooperation displaces the egomanical and often sociopathic corporate and political influences that have never before displayed their sinister agendas so conspicuously.



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Crocus and Bee

Please plant crocus bulbs now so the starving bees will have something to eat when the snow melts.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Zachary Huang



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